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Is WebAssembly a language?

Is WebAssembly a programming language that you can code in? Find out here.

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What is WebAssembly good for?

Understand why all major browsers support WebAssembly and why it is good technology for end-users, developers and the IT industry.

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WebAssembly download

How do you get WebAssembly up-and-running in your web pages?

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WebAssembly vs JavaScript

Is WebAssembly faster than JavaScript?, Will it replace JavaScript?

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WebAssembly Hello World

Use the latest Clang compiler to create your first 'Hello World' WebAssembly module.

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Server-side WebAssembly

Run a basic WebAsm module outside the browser using Wasmer.

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Pyodide Hello World

Run Python code on a web page by using a precompiled Python WebAssembly module.

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WebAssembly bare bones WASI browser polyfill

Learn how to run WASI WebAssembly modules in the browser using a simple bare bones WASI polyfill.

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